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Is It Summer Already?

Summer is here! OK, maybe not yet, but it is coming quick and no time is better than May to make certain your pool is clean and your pool equipment is in top working condition. Of course if you have a regular pool service through the winter you should have no concerns, but if like many you neglect your pool over the winter, then now is the time to start whipping it back into swimming shape.

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Monthly Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

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Your pool is an important part of your home and with regular pool service it will always be ready for your enjoyment at a moments notice. There is nothing more discouraging than wanting to use your pool, but then realizing you need to clean it first and there is no way for a pool to quickly fall into disrepair than if it is neglected for a season.

We offer four levels of monthly pool service and each is designed to meet your specific needs. In many cases our regular services can save you money over doing it yourself. This is for many reasons including that we can buy chemicals in bulk, something individual owners cannot do because they degrade quickly even if stored properly, we are able to avoid repeated expensive shock treatments, and because we keep to a regular schedule there will never be a time when the pool will be allowed to get unbalanced and dirty, causing a burden on the overall system.

Chemical Only Service. Designed for the customer that simply wants a professional to handle the chemicals and chemistry of their pool and nothing more. This service is inexpensive and ensures your pool water is perfectly chemically balanced for maximum enjoyment. The advantages of this service are that you will have a professional making certain your pool is not over chlorinated, a common mistake made by many, and you will no longer be at the mercy of the pool supply store whose generalized advice oftentimes leads to advocating the purchase of more chemicals than necessary.

Partial Service. There are three main advantages of this pool service. The first is we handle the chemistry and chemicals. The second is we brush the shallow end steps, the swim outs in the deep end, brush down the spa area, and clean all of the baskets including the skimmer baskets, pump baskets as well as the filter bags. The third primary advantage is that we check your entire system for any needed preventative maintenance or repair. Small repairs are included with the service. If there is something we can do without bothering you, we will do it, including making certain your cleaner is dialed in for efficient operation. Knowing most of our customers are very busy and want our service to integrate seamlessly into their lives without thinking about it, if there is a repair where we need to purchase parts or that is a little more involved, we will do it, leave the replaced parts and let you know on our monthly statement. If it was for something you would rather not have had done, let us know and we can reverse it. Our goal is to make things as simple on you as possible.

Full Service. This includes everything in the Partial Pool Service and adds skimming of the entire surface of the pool thus removing the debris and sediment that can quickly affect the water quality. This includes the checking of your entire system with each visit and included minor repairs. Having us take care of minor repairs as they occur is important because left to themselves minor repairs oftentimes lead to larger issues as they place inefficiencies on the overall system, causing it to work harder than necessary.

Full Service with Full Vacuum. This adds full vacuuming to our Full Service.

When you chose our Partial of Full pool services you will have an expert come to your home on a regular schedule who will not only make certain your pool is ready for instant use, but who also has extensive experience in identifying potential service problems or issues that can be taken care of quickly rather than have them go unnoticed and turn from an issue that can be handled through inexpensive preventative maintenance into an expensive repair.

Pool Repair

Most pools rarely need repairs and those that have a regular pool service need them even less often, but when you do have a pool repair you can call on one us with confidence knowing that we have the years of experience necessary to make certain your repair is completed right the first time and at the lowest possible cost.

Our goal is customer satisfaction and building long term relationships with customers. Our entire business revolves around our Pleasanton customers and as a result we know that keeping our prices low while delivering excellence in repair work is critical to our long term success.

We have experience in every type of pool repair from refreshing paint and repairing covers through fixing major leaks and cracks in the plaster or surrounding areas.

You can call us even if you do not know if you need a repair. If something seems to you like it is not right, then call us and we will come out to inspect and talk with you about the problem. It is better to be safe than sorry and it is always best to catch a problem as early as possible to avoid it getting worse.

Pool Pump and Equipment Repair

pool-pumpYour pool pump, electrical, lighting, and other operating systems are in constant use and eventually will need service or repair. We specialize in helping customers restore their pool pumps, equipment, and accessories to optimal working condition. Any time equipment is not working properly it puts your entire pool at risk and can lead to other systems failing as they attempt to compensate for the malfunction.

With our years of experience we have encountered nearly every type of system from all manufacturers and we have the experience to fix any problem. From pool pump repair, pool heater repair, and sweeps through accessories such as diving boards, slides and even lighting with one simple call you will have an expert at your service to make any repair necessary.

Just as with other pool repair issues such as cracks or out of the ordinary water use anytime you notice or suspect that your pump or pool equipment is not working as designed let us know. We are always willing to meet with customers to diagnose a pool repair problem or even to reassure them that everything is operating efficiently. The important thing is that you call us so that you can have an expert review your concerns to identify any problem.

Chlorine Generator Salt Water Pool Systems

The first thing to say about a salt water pool is that the levels of salt are typically never noticed because the salt level is kept 20%-50% lower than the level typically noticed by people, 90%+ lower than ocean water.

If you have ever swan in a perfect mountain water stream you know the wonderful feeling of pure soft water that leaves you feeling refreshed and clean. You can have this same experience at home with an electric chlorine generator.

Ask us anytime about how your pool can be transformed for much less than you would think.

The City of Pleasanton CA

Pleasanton is a suburb within the greater San Francisco Bay Area and is located nine miles South of Livermore, East of Interstate 680 and South of Interstate 580 along a historic route of the First Transcontinental Railroad. Pleasanton has over 70,285 residents that live within 25,245 households many of whom enjoy having a swimming pool with regular pool service.

The city limits include over 24.3 square miles and includes two water areas fed by the Arroyo Mocho and Arroyo del Valle watersheds. The Shadow Cliffs Regional Park offers a water area that includes fishing, swimming and boating and on the West side of city is the Pleasanton Ridge area that includes Augustin Bernal and Pleasanton Ridge parks.

While many residents commute to neighboring cities for employment such as Dublin, Livermore, Oakland, and San Francisco Pleasanton itself is home to several large business parks such as the 875 acre Hacienda Business Park off Rosewood and Hopyard roads and the Bernal Business Park. Major companies that have located within the city include Simpson Manufacturing, Shaklee, Safeway, Ross Stores, and Thoratec. The top employers include Oracle, Safeway, and Kaiser Permanente.

Whenever residents are not enjoying their swimming pools they can participate in the many regular activities within the city such as the Saturday Farmers Market, the summer First Wednesday celebrations on Main Street, summer Concerts in the Park at Lions Wayside Park, or events at the Firehouse Arts Center or Alameda County Fairgrounds.

The city educational system is well respected with both Foothill and Amador Valley schools ranking within the Newsweek's top 400 list of top schools in the nation.

Contact Us Anytime

We are a local company that enjoys meeting with and helping local pool owners. If you are considering a regular pool service, have questions about the operation of your pool or if you need pool service or a pool repair we are here for you.

You can call us with confidence, knowing that our experience and ties to the local community assures you that you will get excellent professional service that will exceed your expectations.

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Continued is it Summer Already...

I know that for most the tendency is to not give the pool much thought until it is regularly hot, but unless you want to completely overdose the pool in expensive shock treatment chemicals, starting now can allow for an expedited yet gradual transformation into the clean and clear water that calls to you each summer. This is the same for entertaining. The weather is making it so you and your guests will want to spend more time outside and an unsightly pool can put a damper on the atmosphere and it surely should not be a topic for conversation.

At this time of year you will also be able to give your local Pleasanton pool cleaning service the necessary time to test, fix, or maintain any pool equipment that may have deteriorated over the winter. Starting to address problems now is much better than trying to get everything fixed in time for your party over the coming weekend.

So do it now, call California Pool Service, you will thank me later when you want to throw a last minute party or simply want to enjoy your pool on those sporadic hot days that come and go before the real summer begins.
- by Peter Strong 5/1/2013

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